New opening for an internship position on "Robot drawing skills acquisition with vision feedback"

Idiap has an open internship position for a student to work in the new Robot Learning and Interaction Group. The project involves the bimanual robot Baxter controlled by torque commands, enabling the production of natural human-like movements by modifying the stiffness at the level of the articulations.

The project aims at exploiting this variable compliance to make the robot sketch a picture on a drawing pad, by exploiting both force and position information, and by using the two hands simultaneously. The regulation of the stiffness is used to press the pen/brush lightly on the paper (compliant in the vertical direction and stiffer in the other directions).

The image processing tools required to transform the picture into a series of 3D drawing strokes will be provided, as well as the inverse kinematics tools required to convert the 3D strokes to joint angle trajectories. Depending on the expertise of the candidate, the project can either focus on the vision, path planning or control aspect, including:

  • Determination of the largest drawing plane that can be simultaneously reached by the two hands of the robot.
  • Planning of drawing paths and synchronization of the two hands to avoid interference.
  • Automatic computation of the joint angle trajectories when a pen/brush is grasped (modification of the end-point in the kinematic chain).
  • Experimental determination of velocities, stiffness gains and angles of the pen to draw smoothly on the paper.
  • Exploitation of the camera and proximity sensors within the robot wrist to adjust the pen motion to the current sketch (visual feedback to adjust consecutive movements by repositioning the pen on the paper in-between two strokes or by evaluating the results to plan the next stroke).
  • The applicant should have strong programming skills and be familiar with C++ or Matlab. The starting date is as soon as the position gets filled. The appointment is for 6 months. Salary is 2000 CHF per month.

    To apply for the position, click on the following link: Robot drawing skills acquisition with vision feedback