New opening for a PostDoc in Facial Feature Localization

In the context of a new funded project, Idiap is looking to explore more advanced facial analysis techniques that need a precise localization of facial key points (eye corners, eye centers, eyebrows, mouth corner, ...).

The Idiap research institute is coordinating two major European projects in Biometrics: TABULA RASA and BEAT.

In the context of these projects, the biometrics group at Idiap is well-known for his work on biometrics but also on spoofing/anti-spoofing.

Spoofing is the action of outwitting a biometric sensor by presenting a counterfeit biometric evidence of a valid user.

It is a direct attack to the sensory input of a biometric system and the attacker does not need previous knowledge about the recognition algorithm.

Most of the biometric modalities are not resistant to spoofing attacks: the biometric systems are usually designed to only recognize identities without concern whether the identity is live or not.

Despite the existence of very sophisticated biometric systems nowadays, implementing anti-spoofing schemes for them is still in its infancy.

Idiap has explored already spoofing to visual spectra face recognition using printed photos, displayed photos/videos and 3D masks, and developed anti-spoofing methods.


To apply or to get more info about the position, please click on the following link: PostDoc in Facial Feature Localization