New opening for a PhD position on anti-spoofing in face recognition

The research will be conducted in the framework of the FP7 European project TABULA RASA on direct (spoofing) attacks of multi-modal biometric authentication systems.

The overall goal of the PhD position is to develop new algorithms and models for anti-spoofing in face recognition.

Face recognition has been an active research area for more than 30 years and different systems are now capable of correctly recognizing people's faces under specific environments (near frontal faces and controlled imaging conditions). However, conventional techniques for face recognition are vulnerable to attacks. Generally, two types of attacks are considered: (1) indirect attacks are due to intruders, i.e. hackers, in the system, and (2) direct attacks, i.e. replay attacks (also often called spoofing attacks), when a person tries to masquerade as another one by falsifying data and thereby gaining an illegitimate advantage. Currently, spoofing attacks are a major problem for companies willing to market face recognition technologies and there is a need for efficient, reliable and scalable solutions for anti-spoofing in face recognition.

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