Idiap has a new opening for a PhD Student position in the field of computational imaging

The Computational Bioimaging Group at Idiap is recruiting a PhD student in image processing and optical microscopy.

The work will take place in the context of the SNSF-funded project "Computational biomicroscopy: advanced image processing methods to quantify live biological systems." Computational imaging, in which images are produced through computation rather than direct collection by a camera, combines unconventional imaging hardware with dedicated digital image reconstruction methods. This allows extending the performance or application range compared to hardware-only imaging solutions. The specific goal of the project is to develop computational imaging methods for phase imaging (digital holography). The ideal PhD candidate is expected to have an MS in Electrical Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Phyiscs, or a related area, with a strong interest in computational and mathematical imaging methods (in particular, to solve, inverse problems in imaging). The successful applicant should also have strong programming skills and a willingness to work towards applied solutions. Familiarity with optics (photography, microscopy), electronics, and digital cameras as well as an interest in biology are a plus.

To apply for this position, click on the following link: PhD Student position in the field of computational imaging