Idiap has a new opening for a PhD Student position in machine learning applied to the control of prosthetic hands

The Robot Learning & Interaction Group at Idiap is recruiting a PhD Student in the field of robot learning and control. The work will take place within the TACT-HAND project starting in April 2016, in collaboration with DLR and CITEC, where Idiap will contribute to the robot learning aspects.

TACT-HAND aims at building a lightweight, wearable human-machine interface based upon high-resolution tactile sensors to augment/substitute traditional surface electromyography. Machine learning methods merging classification and regression will be developed to exploit the tactile interface and provide online intent detection. The aim is to improve the control of prosthetic hands with an easy calibration by the users. Different techniques will be investigated, including multilinear algebra for tensor data analysis and online adaptation with multi-kernel learning techniques.

The ideal PhD candidate should hold an MS in computer science, engineering, physics or applied mathematics. S/he should have a background in statistics, signal processing and programming (C++ or Matlab). The successful PhD candidate will become a doctoral student at EPFL ( provided that s/he is accepted by the Doctoral School at EPFL ( Appointment for the PhD position is for a maximum of 4 years. Annual gross salary ranges from 47,000 CHF (first year) to 50,000 CHF (last year).

For more information, please contact Dr Sylvain Calinon ( Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, a detailed CV, and the names of three references (or recommendation letters) through the Idiap online recruitment system. Application deadline: Feb. 10, 2016.