Emmanuel Senft among the new members for the Swiss Young Academy

On 1 May 2023 the Board of Directors of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences elected five new members to the Swiss Young Academy (SYA). With this election, the Academies acknowledge the ideas and commitment of the newly-elected members at the interfaces between science, society and politics.

Head of the Human-centered Robotics & AI cross-research group, Emmanuel Senft and his newly-admitted colleagues will be able to implement innovative, inter- and transdisciplinary project ideas over the next five years jointly with the other 34 members. Selecting appropriate candidates from over 80 applications was a challenging task. “It is impressive to receive so many great applications and to see how many young scientists and academics would like to get involved, in parallel with their careers,” the Advisory Council stated. “This reflects the great potential and motivation for change in this new generation of young scientists and academics.”

A high level of interest in the dialogue between science, society and politics is of great importance for admission to the Swiss Young Academy. Another prerequisite for membership is the willingness and motivation to commit to inter- and transdisciplinary group projects at the above-mentioned interfaces. "I am honored to have been elected to the Swiss Young Academy. I look forward to collaborating with the incredible people who are and will be part of it. I hope this will allow me to help young and future researchers, make science more open, and ensure it works in service to society,” Emmanuel Senft explains.

The five-year membership of the newly-elected members begins on 16 June 2023 at an admission event in Bern. The new members will be able to implement innovative ideas in inter- and transdisciplinary projects over the next five years, together with 34 other young scientists and academics from a wide range of disciplines and universities. In addition, they can benefit from a mentoring program and other personal support measures to further their careers.

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