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Is my institution entitled to get the MDC dataset?

Eligible institutions are universities and non-for-profit, civilian, academic research institutions worldwide. All research done with the MDC dataset should strictly be for non-commercial and ethical purposes.


How do I get the data

  1. The data is available to eligible institutions as described above at the level of labs/groups, departments/institutes, or universities.
  2. Institution legal representatives are professors or heads of unit (for labs/groups), chairs of department/institute (for departments/institutes), or higher academic authorities (for universities.)
  3. The data is managed by a Site Manager (see below) designated by the Institution legal representative.
  4. If your institution is eligible, ask your Site Manager to contact us at mobiledata.challenge(at) We will collect the required information from them.
  5. We will prepare the final form for your institution legal representative to fill and sign.
  6. Once we get the filled and signed final form, we will generate and send the data.


Who is the Site Manager?

The Site Manager is the unique contact point at your institution for the MDC dataset management. The Site Manager can be either a physical person (with permanent staff status) or a service of your institution.

The Site Manager will ensure that:

  • Each Permitted Staff member has read, understood and signed the Permitted Staff Individual Agreement.

  • A scanned copy of each signed Permitted Staff Individual Agreement is provided to Licensor.

  • Access to the Database is provided to Permitted Staff only.

  • The Database is considered as confidential data among the Permitted Staff.

  • Permitted Staff must not process or reverse engineer any part of the Database in order to reveal personally identifiable information.


If you're not sure if your institution already has a designated site manager for MDC dataset, please contact us at mobiledata.challenge(at)