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Database Description


The set-up is composed of the following elements:

  • Kinect: this consumer device provides standard (RGB) and Depth video streams at VGA resolution (640x480) and 30fps.
  • HD camera: the Kinect was designed with a large field of view imposing less restriction on user mobility but this is problematic for eye tracking based on VGA resolution. Therefore, we also recorded the scene with a full HD camera (1920x1080) at 25fps. The provided videos are synchronized with the Kinect data at 30fps.
  • LEDs: 5 LEDs visible to both cameras were used to synchronize the RGB-D and HD streams.
  • Flat screen: we used a 24" screen to display a visual target.
  • Small ball: we used a 4cm diameter ball as a visual target with a double purpose: to serve as a visual target in a 3D environment and be discriminative in both RGB and depth data such that its 3D position could be precisely tracked
This set-up was used for the recording of 94 sessions, each with different characteristics.

Data per session

At each session folder, the following files can be found:

  • : the RGB Kinect video. Encoded using MPEG-4.
  • : the Depth video. Encoded using ZLIB.
  • the RGB HD video. Encoded using MPEG-4 (The HD video is not available for a few sessions).
  • head_pose.txt : the frame-by-frame head pose parameters.
  • eye_tracking.txt : the frame-by-frame 2D and 3D eyes position.
  • ball_tracking.txt : the frame-by-frame 2D and 3D position of the ball target (if relevant).
  • screen_coordinates.txt : the frame-by-frame 2D and 3D screen coordinates (if relevant).
  • rgb_vga_calibration.txt: the calibration parameters for the RGB Kinect camera.
  • depth_calibration.txt: the calibration parameters for the Depth camera.
  • rgb_hd_calibration.txt: the calibration parameters for the RGB HD camera.

In total, the EYEDIAP database is composed of 94 sessions. For a list of the sessions, go here.



For more details on the processing methodology and data interpretation, please refer to this document:

Funes Mora, K. A., Monay, F., and Odobez, J.-M. 2014. EYEDIAP database: Data description and gaze tracking evaluation benchmarks. Tech. Rep. RR-08-2014, Idiap, May 2014.

which you can find > here <.





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