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AMI Corpus Meeting IDs Explained

How to read AMI meeting IDs, plus a list of ids used in the corpus.

IDs take the form [IETB][SNB][1-5][0-9][0-9][0-9][a-z].

First character: I for Idiap, E for Edinburgh, T for TNO, B for Brno

Second character: S for scenario-based using our remote control design scenario, N for naturally occurring, B for other scenario-based elicitations (e.g., using the ISSCO office move scenario or the movie club scenario).

4 numbers: 1000 series for Idiap, 2000 for Edinburgh, 3000 for TNO, and 4000 for ISSCO (although these were recorded in the Idiap room), 5000 for Brno.

For S (remote control scenario meetings), postfix a/b/c/d: first, second, third or fourth meeting in trial.

For N (natural meetings), the final a-z is optional and used for meetings in the same series (i.e., of the same group, which may or may not be exactly the same participants). If there is only one meeting in the series, it could be omitted.

(I)B meetings are not AMI scenario meetings but have a fictitious scenario of their own: these are not naturally occurring meetings.

for (I)B 1-5 Four participants plan a fictitious office move that is simplified from the actual constraints a larger group faces. IB4001-2 and IB4003-4 have different groups of people. IB4005 retains one person each from the previous groups and adds two new participants.

for IB4010, IB4011 Four participants discuss the selection of films to show for a fictitious movie club.

The complete set of meeting ids used is below:

ES2002-ES2016 a-d; EN2001a-e; EN2002a-d; EN2003a; EN2004a; EN2005a; EN2006a-b; EN2009b-d; IB4001; IB4002; IB4003; IB4004; IB4005; IB4010; IB4011; IS1001-IS1009 a-d EXCEPT IS1002a, IS1005d; IN1001; IN1002; IN1005; IN1007; IN1008; IN1009; IN1012; IN1013; IN1014; IN1016; TS3003 - TS3012 a-d.