Bio Login: a Bi-Modal (face and speech) Login System

A biometric identity authentication system is based on the characteristics of a person, such as face, voice, fingerprint, iris, gait, hand geometry or signature. It has many applications such a access control (airport checking, monitoring, computer or mobile devices log-in), building gate control, digital multimedia access, transaction authentication (in telephone banking or remote credit card purchases for instance), voice mail, or secure teleworking.

We present Bio Login, a bi-modal authentication system that simulates the login of a user using two natural and non-intrusive characteristics: the face and the voice.

By leveraging IDIAP's expertise in the domains of face and speaker authentication and the fusion of these two modalities, Bio Login combines the voice and facial feature detection of an individual to perform authentication more reliably than techniques based on only one biometric modality.


Idiap has recently been shortlisted for the Swiss Technology Award. The mission of the selection committee, composed of most of the Swiss States, several Federal Offices, and well known representatives of the industrial and financial sectors, is to identify the most innovative projects, with the highest commercial potential. Among the selected projects, the IDIAP «BioLogin» biometric authentication system has been invited by OSEC (Swiss Office for Commercial Expension) to be demonstrated as part of the Swiss Pavillon at the upcoming CeBIT in Hannover, March 9-15, 2006. Swiss Technology Award


Face detection (see also face demos): Sebastien Marcel, Yann Rodriguez
Face recognition (verification): Sebastien Marcel, Fabien Cardinaux
Speaker verification: Johnny Mariethoz
Software library: Torch3 vision
Windows development: Frederic Dessimoz and Jean-Pierre Gehrig

  • BioLogin and BLUM Installer (Windows XP) (2.4 Mb) >> here
  • Overview of the biometric technology >> here
  • Description of biometric technology >> here
  • Description of the face detection technology >> here
  • Installation notes >> here

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