Zohreh Mostaani

BATL Data Collection

We are collecting data in the context of BATL project, in January and February, BATL project.

The data includes images and videos with cameras operating in the visual spectra, infra-red and thermal wavelength, as well as the subject's pulse reading. The data will be used only for research purposes.

The data collection will be performed in 3 sessions. Each session will last 10-15 minutes.

50.- CH will be given to the participants who will participate in all 3 sessions.
First session: 10.- CH
Second session: 15.- CH
Third session: 25.- CH

If you are interested please pick a time from the following link. Choose a time interval between Feb 12- Feb 16, enter your name and email and schedule it. Come to room 208 at that time.


and please fill the following online form if you have not done it already.



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