Skanda Muralidhar

Ph.D. Candidate
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My Hobbies

My largest interest outside of school lies in reading books especially of the science fiction variety. The stories of Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov are what originally got me interested in the field of artificial intelligence. I also enjoy other works of fiction like Michael Crichton and Robert Ludlum.

I am also a huge fan of classics like Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G Wells and O.Henry. I enjoy all kinds of science fiction and am always game to try something new!

One hobby I greatly enjoy but never get the chance to do anymore is trekking. I absolutely love trekking off beaten tracks with breathtaking scenery. I have trekked some of the famous routes in the Himalayas and explored Mount Pinatubo.

For me this is not just an opportunity to visit new places, but also a test of human endurance, a test of mind over body.

This is one hobby most of us are guilty of these days! I really enjoy good first person shooter games. I personally love Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Half Life, Quake III, UT and Crysis.

Ever since I watched Brue Lee's Enter the Dragon I fell in love with martial arts. I took up karate at high school and obtained my black belt in karate. Sadly, I am guilty of not practising it routinely