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MASH (MAssive Sets of Heuristics)

This project is funded by the Information and Communication Technologies division of the European Commission, Cognitive Systems and Robotics unit, under the 7th Research Framework Program. The sub-project VELASH on object detection is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

The MASH project is a web platform that investigates the design of complex learning systems to increase the performance of artificial intelligence. To create such systems, we want to involve large groups of contributors from as many fields and backgrounds as possible, to program large and heterogeneous families of feature extraction modules.

Principle of the MASH project

Performance will be measured on action selection with a robotic arm and in a simulated 3d environment, and object detection.

Heuristic list Experiment results MASH 3D simulator #1

MASH 3D simulator #2 MASH 3D simulator #3 MASH Robotic arm