Florent Monay @ Idiap Research Institute

GNU/Linux stuff

Probably useless but that does not hurt to keep these lines below.

Text editor

The vim text editor is fast and highly configurable. C, html, php and perl code can be conveniently written with perfect syntax highlighting extremely quickly.

Crop eps files with white borders (matlab)

Thanks ImageMagick for your autocrop function.

mogrify -density 150 +antialiasing -crop 0x0 <eps_filename>

Convert eps files to high quality png files

Thanks ImageMagick, again. With -density argument, the dpi resolution can be adjusted at will.

convert -density 150 <eps_filename> <png_filename>

Load another keyboard map for console

Example : under debian, give me the swiss french qwertz keymap !.

loadkeys /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwertz/fr_CH.kmap.gz</pre>