courses @ epfl
  csm: computational social media (since spring 2014)
here is the 2018 course page
  cpms: computational perception using multimodal sensors (spring 2008 and 2010)

  tutorials and schools
  Uni Zurich 2017: tutorial on smartphone and social sensing in psychological science
  3TU.H&T 2015: autumn school on humans and technology, netherlands
  LABEX 2015: summer school on computational, social, and behavioral sciences, paris
  iCareNet 2013: winter school on context-aware systems
  ssms 2012: summer school on social media modeling and search
  aerfaiss 2012: summer school on pattern recognition in multimodal human interaction
  acm multimedia 2010: acm multimedia, tutorial on modeling human behavior with mobile phones
  plus 2010: advanced school on social signal processing
  aerfaiss 2010: summer school on pattern recognition and machine learning in multimedia systems