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  internship: social media for social good

I am looking for an intern to develop methods for analysis and visualization of social media and crowdsourced data for social good.
The intern will be part of a multidisciplinary initiative on social media and mobile crowdsourcing in cities for social good applications.

Specific tasks can include:
Social media analytics
Visualization of social and crowdsourced data
Smartphone app development for mobile crowdsourcing

Candidates can be master's thesis students or visiting doctoral students in computer science or electrical engineering.
They are expected to have background in machine learning, statistics, data science, or computer vision.
They are also expected to have strong programming skills (in R, Python, C/C++) under Linux.
Candidates for visualization are expected to have some previous experience (full-stack javascript development, including AngularJS, node.js, and mongodb).
The internship is for six months (a stipend of 2'000 CHF/month will be provided). Starting date is immediate.