Andrei Popescu-Belis

I am a senior researcher at the Idiap Research Institute, a lecturer at EPFL, and the head of Idiap's Natural Language Processing (NLP) group.

My research interests are in natural language processing, machine translation, information retrieval, language and multimodal resources, and the evaluation of linguistic and interactive systems.

I teach a doctoral course at EPFL on Human Language Technology.

Andrei Popescu-Belis

Idiap NLP group

Current members
   - postdocs: Nikolaos Pappas, Pierre-Édouard Honnet
   - PhD students: Lesly Miculicich, Xiao Pu

Past members and alumni
   - postdocs: Chidansh Bhatt, Najeh Hajlaoui, Parvaz Mahdabi, Ngoc-Quang Luong
   - PhD students: Nikolaos Pappas (EPFL 2016), Maryam Habibi (EPFL 2015), Thomas Meyer (EPFL 2014), Majid Yazdani (EPFL 2013), Paula Estrella (UniGe 2008)
   - visitors: Pierre Lison (postdoc, 2014), Jeevanthi Liyanapathirana (PhD student, 2015)
   - interns: Catherine Gasnier, Quoc Anh Le, Kexing Li, Sharid Loaiciga, Lukas Matena, Lesly Miculicich

More about me

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Recent publications

Pappas N. & Popescu-Belis A. (2016) - Human versus Machine Attention in Document Classification: A Dataset with Crowdsourced Annotations A Dataset with Crowdsourced Human Annotations. Proceedings of the EMNLP 2016 SocialNLP workshop (4th International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media), Austin, TX, p. 94-100.

Habibi M., Mahdabi P. & Popescu-Belis A. (2016) - Question Answering in Conversations: Query Refinement Using Contextual and Semantic Information. Data & Knowledge Engineering, vol. 106, p.38-51.

Luong N.Q. & Popescu-Belis A. (2016) - Improving Pronoun Translation by Modeling Coreference Uncertainty. Proceedings of WMT 2016 (1st Conference on Machine Translation), Research Papers, Berlin, p. 12-20.

Luong N.Q. & Popescu-Belis A. (2016) - A Contextual Language Model to Improve Machine Translation of Pronouns by Re-ranking Translation Hypotheses. Proceedings of EAMT 2016 (19th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation), Riga, Latvia, special issue of the Baltic Journal of Modern Computing, vol. 4, n. 2, p. 292-304.

Bhatt C., Popescu-Belis A. & Cooper M. (2016) - Audiovisual Summarization of Lectures and Meetings Using a Segment Similarity Graph. Proceedings of ICMR 2016 (ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval), New York, NY.

Mahdabi P. & Popescu-Belis A. (2016) - Comparing Two Strategies for Query Expansion in a News Monitoring System. Proceedings of NLDB 2016 (21st International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems), Salford, UK. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9612, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, p. 267-275.

Liyanapathirana J. & Popescu-Belis A. (2016) - Using the TED Talks to Evaluate Spoken Post-editing of Machine Translation. Proceedings of LREC 2016 (10th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation), Portoroz, Slovenia.

Popescu-Belis A. (2016) - Manual and Automatic Labeling of Discourse Connectives for Machine Translation. Invited talk to the TextLink Second Action Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 11 April 2016.

Pappas N. & Popescu-Belis A. (2016) - Adaptive Sentiment-Aware One-Class Collaborative Filtering. Expert Systems With Applications, vol. 43, p. 23–41.


Idiap Research Institute
Centre du Parc
Rue Marconi 19, CP 592
CH-1920 Martigny, Switzerland

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Room 107-1
Tel.: +41 27 721 7729
Fax: +41 27 721 7712

Bio and research

I graduated from the French Ecole Polytechnique in 1995, with majors in maths and computer science, and I hold a Masters in AI from the University of Paris VI. I have a PhD in computer science and natural language processing from LIMSI-CNRS, University of Paris XI (1999). I was a postdoc at the UCSD Department of Cognitive Science, and then a senior research assistant at ISSCO, University of Geneva, before joining the Idiap Research Institute as a senior researcher in 2007. I have taught computer science and NLP courses at the Technology Institute in Orsay, the University of Geneva, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

I am the leader of the MODERN SNSF Sinergia project (2013-2016) on Modeling Discourse Entities and Relations for Coherent Machine Translation, which follows the COMTIS Sinergia project (2010-2013), on Improving the Coherence of Machine Translation Output by Modeling Intersentential Relations. I have been involved in the IM2 NCCR from its start (2002-2013), working on dialogue processing, data management and HCI, as head or deputy head of two individual projects. I am contributing to the SUMMA EU project, and I have previously contributed to the inEvent European project (2011-2014), and to the AMIDA European integrated project (2007-2010) as head of a work package on interfaces and evaluation.

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