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Download all papers ! 2011-InterhubAllPapers.tar.gz

Program Outline

8:30 : Registration

9:00 : Opening Welcome

9:15 : Invited Speaker: David Forsyth

10:05 : Invited Speaker: Eric Laurier

10:55 : "Look at Who's Talking : Voice Activity Detection by Automated Gesture Analysis". Marco Cristani, Anna Pesarin, Alessandro Vinciarelli, Marco Crocco and Vittorio Murino pdf

11:20 : Poster Session followed by buffet lunch in the same area.

  • "User behaviour captured by mobile phones" : Wouter Teeuw, Johan Koolwaaij and Arjan Peddemors pdf
  • "Kinect Sensing of Shopping related Actions" : Mirela Popa, Alper Kemal-Koc, Leon Rothkrantz, Caifeng Shan, and Pascal Wiggers pdf
  • "A Feature Set Evalution for Activity Recognition with Body-Worn Inertial Sensors" : Syed Agha Muhammad, Bernd Niklas Klein, Kristof Van Laerhoven and Klaus David pdf
  • "Person Detection for Indoor Videosurveillance using Spatio-Temporal Integral Features" : Adrien Descamps, Cyril Carincotte and Bernard Gosselin pdf
  • "Person Authentication and Activities Analysis in an Office Environment Using a Sensor Network" : Shuai Tao, Mineichi Kudo, Hidetoshi Nonaka and Jun Toyama pdf

Poster Presenters: Please ensure you have put your poster up in the morning before the start of the workshop.

13:00 : " Using human motion intensity as input for urban design" : Esben S. Poulsen, Hans Jørgen Andersen, Ole B Jensen, and Thomas B. Moeslund pdf

13:25 : Invited Speaker : Nico van der Aa and Lucas Noldus

14:15 : Invited Speaker: Elisabeth Oberzaucher

15.05: Coffee Break

15:15 : Panel Discussion

17:00 : Summary Close of the Day

19:00 : Unofficial Workshop Social Dinner.  It will be held at Cafe de Jaren, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-22 at 7pm. If you intend to join this social event after the workshop, please email us ( to register your interest in the event!