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Face Detection

Face Detection in Movies

This video demonstrates a real-time face detection system in difficult conditions. In this video, imaging conditions are very challenging: skin color background at the beginning of the movie, occlusions such as sun glasses, fast motion resulting in blurred objects, multiple faces and multi-pose (non frontal) faces. We developed a real-time multi-pose face detection system, robust to the above challenges and based on recent findings in the computer vision and machine learning communities.


Face Tracking by Detection

This is a Windows XP demonstration software of a real-time multi-view (in-plane and out-of-plane faces) face detector.

It has the folowing limitations:

Minimum face width: 64 pixels

Maximum face width: 200 pixels

Minimum/maximum in-plane rotation: +-45 degrees

Minimum/maximum out-plane rotation: +-45 degrees

The software and the source API are available at FaceOnIt
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Demo Information
Theme: Biometric Person Recognition , Computer Vision , Machine Learning
Author: S. Marcel, Y. Rodriguez, C. Alves, P. Abbet
Contact: S├ębastien MARCEL
+41 277 217 727