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Upcoming Talks

Thu, 11 May 2017
Prof. John Antonakis
from University of Lausanne
Talk place:
Idiap Research Institute
Room: 106, Conference room
Title: Charisma: Measurement and outcomes
Charisma has been devilishly difficult to measure; there has also been a dearth of studies estimating the causal impact of charisma on outcomes. In this seminar I will use a new definition of charisma to demonstrate how it can be manipulated, and will also show the economic impact of charisma on worker productivity. Moreover, I will discuss how charisma can be coded from archival data, and demonstrate its utility for predicting a range of outcomes including winning the U.S. presidential election, the amount of views on TED talks, and retweets of tweets.

John Antonakis is of Swiss, Greek, and South-African nationality. He is Professor of Organizational Behavior, and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Management in the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He received his Ph.D. from Walden University in Applied Management and Decision Sciences specializing in the psychometrics of leadership. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Psychology at Yale University focusing on leader development and expertise. Professor Antonakis’ research is currently focused on charisma, predictors of leadership, and research methods.

Professor Antonakis is Editor in Chief of The Leadership Quarterly. He has previous served as associate editor for The Leadership Quarterly and Organizational Research Methods, and is on the boards of several top academic journals including the Academy of Management Review and the Journal of Management. He is a fellow of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as the Association for Psychological Science.

He has published in prestigious academic journals such as Science, Psychological Science, Academy of Management Journal, Intelligence, The Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Management, Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Organizational Research Methods, among others. He has also published two books: The Nature of Leadership (two editions), and Being There Even When You Are Not: Leading Through Strategy, Structures, and Systems. He has been awarded or directed research funds totaling over Sfr. 2.3 million (about $2.45 million).

He frequently consults—and provides talks, trainings, and workshops—to organizations on leadership and human resources issues. His clients regularly include organizations in various business sectors including banks, manufacturing, high-tech, consulting, and finance as well as government organizations, NGOs, and athletics organizations.
His research is regularly quoted in the international media and has been showcased on political and science-based TV shows. He engages a general audience in many science-based videos; for an example, refer to his TEDx talk on charisma: