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Idiap has a new opening for 2 PostDoc positions in secured face recognition
The Idiap Research Institute seeks qualified candidates for Two PostDoc position in the field of face presentation attack detection (aka anti-spoofing). The ...
Idiap expertise in Biometrics security is reaching the Emirates
Sébastien Marcel head of the biometrics group at Idiap speaking at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)
Face Detection
Face Recognition
Mobile Face Detection
Mobile Face and Speaker Recognition
Facial Feature Detection
Head Pose Estimation
People Tracking
Multiple object tracking (MOT) in video is one of the fundamental research topics in dynamic scene analysis . While fairly good solutions to the tracking of ...
Visual Focus-of-attention
Your complete ID on your wrist thanks to BIOWATCH, Idiap and CSEM
CSEM at Neuchâtel and the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny are joining forces to propel the young and promising Swiss startup BIOWATCH to the top
Biometrics will make payments more secure
Voice identification, facial recognition, fingerprint reading or heartbeat analysis: biometric identification methods will be used more and more this year on ...
Elie Khoury is leaving the team
It’s time for change !
Laurent El-Shafey is leaving the team
Good bye Laurent
Idiap has a new opening for a Post-doctoral position on 3D finger-vein biometrics
The Idiap Research Institute invites applications for one post-doctoral position in biometrics. The position is funded by a new 18-month research project on 3D ...
Can science solve an 80-year-old Indian mystery?
Sébastien Marcel is an unlikely judge of beauty queens, but his face recognition expertise could finally solve the identity of an Indian woman on a precious ...
Biometrics: for better or for worse?
It is supposedly one of the most promising solutions for protecting us from terrorist attacks. Biometrics allows identifying a person by their biological ...
Idiap Research Institute releases Bob
Idiap Research Institute releases Bob a Python-based signal-processing and machine learning toolbox.
L’Idiap financé par les Américains pour ses travaux sur la biométrie
Nouvelle étape pour l’Idiap de Martigny: l’institut vient d’intégrer deux projets phare du gouvernement américain dédié à la sécurité biométrique, il fait ...
Idiap is alongside American giants with a tool that allows the "photoshopping" of voices
To speak Chinese without having to learn it or to being able to speak for yourself: these dreams may become reality thanks to the progress of speech synthesis. ...
Mobile Biometry
Graphical Models for Face Authentication
Face Authentication Robust to Replay Attacks
Context-based Modelling for Object Detection
Trusted Biometrics under Spoofing Attacks
Biometrics Evaluation and Testing
COntactless Heartbeat detection for trustworthy FACE Biometrics
Identity spoofing is a contender for high-security face recognition applications.