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This software is a multi users, multi projects web annotation tool that help to organize the process of validating automatically generated transcriptions.

It was design for the purpose of annotating data in order to train an Automatic Speech Recognition System but can be use in a broader context. Users can login to the application and choose to work on specific data. The available data is partitioned into two pools: a first validation pool and a second validation pool. This distinction allows for a two steps validation process thus increasing the quality of the final result. Each user has its own ‘user space’ showing on which data he is currently working. At the end of the two steps validation process, the validated data is moved to an ‘annotated space’.

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Resource type: software
Date: May 01, 2014
Size: 232K
Access: Web
Ownership: Idiap Research Institute
Contact: Alexandre NANCHEN
+41 277 217 791