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RGBD: A Python based RGB-D data processing module

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This python module implements the streaming, calibration and visualization of RGB-D data, that is, combined color and depth images.

It generates 3D meshes from the RGB-D camera calibration information and allows its 3D rendering. It is compatible with diverse consumer sensors and recorded data. Python callback functions can be defined to extend the module functionality.

To test the rgbd module, please download and extract this file :  and modify the "rgbd/Test/" file accordingly

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Resource Information
Resource type: software
Date: Sep 23, 2014
Nature: software/python module
Lifespan: unlimited
Audience: Users interested in processing streams of textured 3D meshes obtained from RGB-D video, either recorded or from a device, such as a Microsoft Kinect. The output data is compatible with numpy, scipy or OpenCV.
Access: through github
Ownership: Idiap Research Institute
Distribution: Web
Contact: Kenneth Alberto FUNES MORA
+41 277 217 701
Jean-Marc ODOBEZ
+41 277 217 726