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Access to MDC dataset documentation

Am I entitled to access MDC dataset documentation?

The documentation of the MDC dataset is strictly restricted to the people who have access to the MDC dataset, which means valid Site Managers and users who signed the Permitted Staff Individual Agreement and returned it to us.

How can I access the documentation?

If you are entitled to access the documentation, please click here.

You will be displayed a login screen. As you have no account yet, click on "Cancel" to be redirected to the account creation form. When filling the form, please use a valid academic e-mail address from your institution. Please also use the exact same name provided on the Permitted Staff Individual Agreement.

Now that your account is created, please activate it using the information provided in the activation email you got.

Finally, please send an email to mobiledata.challenge(at) indicating your academic email address, full name and institution. We will then give you access to the documentation.