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liveHeart Team and Map of Collaboration Network

Meet the liveHeart Team


Renee Chow, Paola Lamperti, Olivia Mariani, Marina Peralta, Nadia Mercader, Anne-Laure Duchemin, Alex Ernst, Julien Vermot, Michael Liebling, Willy Supatto.


liveHeart Team (Kick-off meeting @ IGBMC, Strasbourg, 11/28/2016): Renée Chow (IGBMC), Paola Lamperti (IGBMC), Olivia Mariani (Idiap), Marina Peralta (IGBMC), Nadia Mercader (Uni Bern), Anne-Laure Duchemin (IGBMC), Alex Ernst (Uni Bern), Julien Vermot (IGBMC), Michael Liebling (Idiap), Willy Supatto (École Polytechnique) [Photo: Rita Ferreira]. 

 Map of Collaboration Network

Map of collaboration network


Institut de génétique et de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire, Strasbourg
Dr. Julien Vermot, PI

École Polytechnique, Paris
Dr. Willy Supatto, PI


Idiap Research Institute, Martigny
Dr. Michael Liebling, PI

Universität Bern
Prof. Nadia Mercader Huber, PI