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Help page about reading MMM audio/video on all platforms

last modified 2007-03-07 22:20

Presentation Acquisition System, Slide search engine

This page is the result of a presentation acquisition system developped at IDIAP.

Reading videos

Available formats:
  • Synchronised DivX AVI (2 x CIF format) with audio,  Download Codec Divx 6.5

  • high resolution DivX AVI (PAL format) video
  • RealMedia videos
  • WAV, MP3, RM audio

RealMedia Streaming

On Linux

Configuring Firefox

Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Download -> Download actions

Click on the button "View and Edit actions"

RealPlayer menu: Tools -> Preferences :

RM/RAM: open with Totem Gnome Media Player (/usr/bin/totem)

SMI: open with RealPlayer (/com/softs/RealPlayer10/realplay)

DIVX Links

Open the AVI HTTP links with VLC: you can play the video quasi-instantaneously but not seek into it.

On Windows

Realplayer configuration

After launching RealOne in Windows, go to "Tools/Preferences," then click on "Hardware" in the left-hand Category section, and then move the "Video Card Compatibility" slider all the way over to the "Most reliable" side. If you don't do this RealOne may frequently crash!


Use the RSS feed link into your PodCast reader (eg iTune).


If you cannot read the videos, it can be a problem with your firewall. You may test other streaming links and if the problem persists, please contact your system administrator.

Other troubles

Please contact with a clear description of the problem.

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