Statistical and knowledge-centric techniques in Natural Language Understanding: a valuable handshake?

In this talk, I will draw from my experience in Information Retrieval and Spoken Dialogue Systems to discuss a number of situations where statistical (e.g. machine learning) techniques shake hands with knowledge-centric approaches to meet user needs and account for domain knowledge. I will present examples particularly from the areas of Question Answering and Spoken Language Understanding, two research fields that exhibit a number of common points.

Silvia Quateroni
Silvia Quarteroni is a Senior Marie Curie Research Fellow involved in the ADAMACH project at the University of Trento. She received her MSc and BSc in Computer Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and her PhD in Computer Science at the University of York (UK). She has been working in several fields of Natural Language Processing, focusing on human-computer dialogue, information retrieval and personalization. She has published about 30 articles in international conferences and journals and is part of the programme committee of several of these.
106, Conference room
3/11/10 11:00 AM