Successful scientific workshops during the "Hérisson sous gazon" festival.

A flying scooter, strawberry sweets and a humanoid robot... those were the objects at the centre of workshops run by NCCRs "IM2", "MaNEP" and "Affective Sciences" at the "Hérisson sous gazon" festival.

Researchers of NCCR "IM2" have programmed the humanoid robot "Nao" to recognise faces. He manages to attract the children's attention all by himself.
 © Hérisson sous gazon
The meteorological conditions were far from ideal but some 2500 children and parents braved the weather and playfully discovered aspects of the research conducted in the participating NCCRs such as superconductivity, senses and emotions.


François Foglia, manager of NCCR "IM2" and initiator of the scientific workshops, believes that "it is difficult to quantify the results of such initiatives but both children and parents showed great interest. If you participate in such an event you can benefit from offcial and informal publicity work related to the festival and reach a public that would not normally attend a purely scientific event."

Hérisson sous gazon