New opening for an internship position on "Inference of high level semantics from prosodic features".

The Idiap speech group works on many aspects of speech processing, including recognition and synthesis for the purpose of speech to speech translation. Recently, much of our work is in the area of speech prosody. Prosody is often ignored in speech recognition, but is vital for synthesis. To this end, we are developing models of prosody that lend themselves to automatic extraction, translation and synthesis of speech.

Prosody is also a communicative device in itself; it can infer meaning in words, can convey emotion and affect, and is indicative of personality. It is the latter of these that defines the general direction of the current project.
The successful candidate will begin with standard models of prosody and attempt to infer higher level semantics. We intend to compare representations of prosody for such inference, and investigate which representations are appropriate for which semantics, hence which semantics can be inferred. Possible tools include the usual array of speech processing methods such as Markov models, and machine learning approaches such as neural networks and support vector machines.

The candidate should have strong programming skills, ideally familiarity with Python or C++. An analytic background in computer science or engineering is desirable. All our speech work is multi-lingual; to this end, in addition to English, the candidate would benefit from knowledge of another European or Slavic language. Some knowledge of French is an advantage but not a requirement.

Interested? Just click on the following link: Inference of high level semantics from prosodic features.