New opening for an internship position on "Extracting communication quality features on recorded talks"

Idiap seeks an intern student to gather existing Idiap tools, and develop new ones, and integrate them into a single system estimating the "communication quality" of a speaker based on a recorded talk. Parameters that we would like to extract and integrate into a single system consist of pitch/prosody features, speaking rate, amount of pauses, etc.

The applicant will work closely with the Idiap Speech and Audio Processing group and will report directly to Prof. Hervé Bourlard (

The applicant will be using open speech processing source library, as well as other internal/external code libraries, all of them written in C++ and Java scripts.

Applicant should have a background in statistics or applied mathematics, signal processing, and machine learning.

Applicant should also have strong programming skills and be familiar with C/C++, Java, various scripting languages (Python is a plus) and with the Linux environment. MATLAB is not a plus. Any applicant might undergo a series of tests including programming.

The starting date is immediate. The appointment is for 6 months. Salary is 2000 CHF per month.

To apply for the position, click on the following link : Extracting communication quality features on recorded talks