New opening for a PhD position on Heterogeneous Face Recognition

The overall goal of the PhD position is to research, develop and evaluate new algorithms and models for heterogenous face recognition.

Face recognition has existed as a field of research for more than 30 years and has been particularly active since the early 1990s. Researchers of many different fields (from psychology, pattern recognition, neuroscience, computer graphics and computer vision) have attempted to create and understand face recognition systems.
One of the most challenging tasks in automated face recognition is the matching between face images acquired in heterogeneous environments. Use-cases can cover matching of faces in unconstrained scenarios (e.g. at a distance), with long time lapse between the probe and the gallery and faces sensed in different modalities, such as thermal infrared or near infrared images (NIR) against visible spectra images (VIS). Successful solutions to heterogeneous face recognition can extend the reach of these systems to covert scenarios, such as recognition at a distance or at nighttime, or even in situations where no face even exists (forensic sketch recognition).

The research will rely on previous knowledge and software developed at Idiap on these topics and will be conducted in the Biometrics research team of Dr S. Marcel.

The ideal PhD candidate should hold a Master degree in computer science, electrical engineering or related fields.
Experience in one or several of the following areas is required: statistical models and face recognition.
The applicant should also have strong programming skills and be familiar with C/C++, various scripting languages (in particular Python) and with the Linux environment. MATLAB is not a plus.

The successful PhD candidate will become a doctoral student at EPFL provided that the candidate is accepted by the Doctoral School at EPFL.
Appointment for the PhD position is for a maximum of 4 years, provided successful progress, and should lead to a dissertation.
The starting date is immediate. Salary is competitive and follows the guidelines from the Swiss National Science Foundation.


To apply or to get more info about the position, please click on the following link: Heterogeneous Face Recognition