KeyLemon facial recognition software provides a major step toward creating a truly ‘intelligent’ in-car experience.

Imagine a car recognizing the driver upon entry, automatically adjusting the settings to each person’s preferences, including your ideal seat position, temperature and even music choices. Once in motion, the vehicle notifies a distracted driver if a pedestrian is crossing the street, and even creates audible alerts when the driver is drowsy.

KeyLemon S.A., a leader in facial recognition (biometric) technology, announces that Visteon Corporation (NYSE: VC) has licensed its software to develop a unique solution, delivering a more intuitive driving experience. The system creates a profile of the driver, continually saving and updating driver preferences, which are automatically applied before the engine is started.

Trends in the car industry clearly require innovative technology to enhance the overall driver experience and to provide additional security features. KeyLemon’s face recognition technology represents a major leap forward in driver recognition, and features such as eye-blinking count and frontal face detection have great potential.  To read about Visteon’s implementation using KeyLemon’s face recognition technology, go to the Visteon blog.

Facial recognition technology, until recently, has mainly been used for accessing devices, such as computers and high security applications. But the potential for other industries to apply the same technology, with significant user benefits, is now being explored, as Gilles Florey, CEO of KeyLemon S.A., a Swiss-based company, explains: “When we first began collaborating with Visteon our focus was not the automotive industry. However, we have been able to optimize our face recognition solutions within Visteon’s IT architecture to great effect, consuming very low memory and CPU.”

Thanks to a collaborative strategy of ‘continuous technological enhancement’ KeyLemon and Visteon are showing how software and hardware can be used to vastly improve the interactive possibilities between humans and computers in various domains.

About KeyLemon

KeyLemon is a software company that develops, markets, and sells convenient secure biometric technology. The company’s unique combination of face and speaker recognition technology can easily be integrated into any system or application to provide seamless, secure and convenient access solutions.