Anindya Roy successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Anindya Roy obtained his PhD at EPFL on Nov 11 2011 after the public defence of his thesis: “Boosting Localized Features for Speaker and Speech Recognition”.

In his PhD thesis, Mr. Anindya Roy proposed to use local features, selected by a boosting algorithm, for the tasks of speaker and speech recognition.


He investigated more particularly:

1. the application of local binary features from computer vision to speech processing,

2. the robustness of these features to audio noise, and

3. their low complexity compared to traditional holistic features.

Additionally to this work, Mr. Roy proposed an extension of these local binary features to audio-visual processing, as well as a novel feature set for face detection.

His work was part of the research contributed by Idiap to IM2.IP1.

The full thesis can be found here